fort Lauderdale mold removal


We are dedicated to helping people cure their Sick House Syndrome problems and who have an interest in the indoor health of their home and quality of the air their family breathes.

Mold growth occurs when materials have been wet for more than 48 hours. Even if materials are dried within 48 hours, mold growth may have occurred and can re-occur should the mold infested areas become moist again. Areas should be tested by professionals if there is doubt.

At Mold Xterminators we take air pollution and mold spores contamination seriously. We first start by finding out the source of the mold problem.

By moisture mapping the whole home we check all places were moisture is evident like bathrooms, under kitchen sinks, water heater, a/c unit, dishwasher, washer and drier room, windows and doors for evidence of leaks or poor installation.

Then we perform a mold test in every room or as indicated by our preliminary inspection, this will give us a better understanding of the mold problem. These tests are done by ether air cells or swabs and the samples are taking to a laboratory for analysis we get the results next day providing us with the species and quantity of mold spores in the house and from this we determine the mold remediation procedure to take.

We can determine from these tests whether you will need to do any drywall or fixture removal or if only a chemical treatment will be necessary.