fort Lauderdale mold removal


We have 20 years experience in all phases of indoor air quality investigations, cleaning, Mold Removal Remediation and restoration.

We perform separate mold testing in every unit to determine the cause and source of the problem mitigating any potential Legal Action.

If mold is found, we are certified to test the mold to find out its species in case it's toxic or to confirm it really is mold.

Our Mold Certified Inspectors will work with all tenants and building managers to provide a effective way for Mold testing all infected apartment, every apartment testing should not take more than one hour and the results from the laboratory will be available next day.

Once we have found all the mold in your buildings you're ready to move on to thinking about the Mold Removal and remediation process.

We a reputable company with long term track records ready to service you.