Water damage building not properly secure from the environments

Picture of a Building not secure from the environments

Water damage building not properly secure from the environments

What a week it has been we just started remediation in a Multi Family Building it was a mess full of Water damage, it all start with securing the apartment units from the Environments, the tarp that was install was not properly place or it was not secure properly and went the rains came down all went inside the apartment. We started remediation the second floor had to be gutted completely to much water damage to save anything wall and ceiling made of stucco with wood studs all damage SEE PICTURES Below. And all wall had lead paint with needed a full containment for the whole apartment. The first floor was fine Lithe water damage, we opened the wall for dry out and installs several air driers and blowers and dehumidifiers according with My Dri-Eaz Digital Psychrometric Calculator is going to take at least 3 days.Next week will should be finish with the remediation.

Following EPA Protocols

Protective Equipment and containment are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

1= Contain damage area ( By setting up a containment field) to prevent mold contamination in other areas of structure or place.

2= Removed damage area.

3= Heppa vacuum and wipe down walls and furniture.

4= Use a bactericide, virucide, fungicide and disinfectant product for mold removal and prevention.

5= Clean a/c units coils and ducts Be careful not to damage flex ducting.

6= Fog with a virucide, fungicide and disinfectant of rooms and a/c ducts for better mold removal and prevention of spores and harmful air particles.

7= Use air scrubbers to finalize the mold spores removal.

8= Perform a mold clearance Testing to restore building or place to a fungi free ecology.

Picture of Damage ceiling wood support


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